A few minutes ago, I saw a very beautiful video. Memang terbaiklah iklan ni. This video will be good for Hari Raya.Tersentuh aku tengok tau.. This video about Erman, a PETRONAS engineer stationed in Central Asia, struggles to adjust to life away from home, when his path crosses that of a local boy, Jeyhun.
While Erman and Jeyhun start out as strangers, every step brings them closer to realising their true potential, to reimagining their energy and making a difference to those around them. Its a story of one man’s journey of self-discovery and exploration towards the meaning of life.
petrona, malaysia

·    While past PETRONAS TVCs have always celebrated stories from within Malaysia, this year, it tells a bigger story — of the role that PETRONAS plays in its countries of operations. whenever you are watching Petronas ads these days, you have to “half-cried’ first, if it is good, then cry. If it sucks, say someone’s cutting onion.heheehe…Now, lets  see that video…..
p/s : sorry if grammar tak betul….ngaji cakap kampung jer…:)