Is “detox’ necessary?

Is “detox’
necessary? Can it offer extra protection?
A high-flying
executive friend just completed a three-day fasting; a ritual he habitually
observe two to three times a year to “purge his body of toxins.” A
highly-educated office colleague keeps going on fruit-juice diets; again “to
purge the toxins.” A soon to-be-married niece is sticking only to raw or steamed
food to promote optimal beauty and “cleanses her body of toxins.” And an old
school friend is spending a fortune on a very expensive round of
“chelation”; yet again “to push the toxins out of his body.” They are
all undergoing “detoxification” by going on a ‘detox’ or ‘cleansing’ diet to
remove toxins and poisons from their body. I’ve always thought that this is
what we have a liver and two kidneys for. More info kindly read at this link.