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Name : Felix Baumgartner
Codename : B.A.S.E 502
Profession : Stunt Coordinator, Freefall Camera, Skydiving & B.A.S.E Jumping, Commercial helicopter Pilot.
Place of Birth : Salzburg / Austria.
Residence : Switzerland and USA.
Hobbies : climbing, Boxing, Moto Cross, Rallye.

 Archive :

1997 :  World Champion title for B.A.S.E jumping in West Virgina, USA.
1999 :  World record : Highest BASE jump from building, the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur,    
            Malaysia. (1.479 feet)
2000 :  Nominated for the NEA Extreme Sports Award in Munich.
            Category : Special Achievement.
2001 :  Nominated for the World Sports Award in London, Royal Albert Hall.
            Category : Extreme Sports.
2002 :  Added to the “Street of Champions” in Vienna, Austria.
2003 :  Race Man Vs. Machine : Main Stunt at Taurus World Stunt Awards in Hollywood / USA.
2004 :  Channel of Corinth : B.A.S.E jump from a 193 feet high bridge in freefall.
            Mamet Cave in Velebit National Parc, Crotia : B.A.S.E jump into a 623 feet deep cave.
            Bridge of the Americas, Panama : BASE jump from the 393 feet high Panama bridge.
            World record : B.A.S.E jump from the highest bridge in the world, Millau Bridge, France (1.125
2005 : Star guest at the famous Late Night Show with Jay Leno, los Angeles, USA.
2006 : B.A.S.E jump from the higest building in Latin America, Torre Mayor in Mexico City. (738 feet)
           B.A.S.E jump from the highest building in Scandinavia, Turning Torso, Malmo, sewden. (627 feet)
           Becomes a helicopter pilot at Twin Air Helicopter School, Van Nuys, USA.
2007 : B.A.S.E jump into the second biggest cave in the world, Seating of the Spirits, Oman (396 feet)
           B.A.S.E jump off the worlds tallest building -101 Tower, Taipei. (1669.95 feet)

Felix, Baumgartner, profile, biodata

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