Top 10 Sexiest Men

Saja nak share Top 10 Sexiest Men menurut Glamourmagazine. Nak gak tahu macamana lah rupa lelaki seksi ni. Jom tengok sikit Top 10 Sexiest Men kot-kot lah kita kenal…

No 10: Prince Harry

Age: 26

Single? On again, off again, on again – we’ve lost track of Prince
’s relationship with Chelsea
. In our minds, he’ll always be single…

No 9: Jared Followill

Age: 24
Single? The Kings Of Leon star hasn’t found his Queen just yet but
we’re sure it won’t be long.

No 8: Garrett Hedlund

Age: 26
Single? It appears Tron star Garrett
 is officially on the market. Hurrah!

No 7: Alexander Skarsgard

Age: 34
Single? Drat! Super-hot Swede Alexander Skarsgard has been dating equally hot actress Kate Bosworth since 2009! 

No 6: Gerard Butler

Age: 41
Single? Gerard Butler’s single alright. Although we can’t believe
there are many women who can resist his Scottish charm for long. 

No 5: Zac Efron

Age: 23
Single? Yes, yes he is! Zac Efron recently endured a rather long split from his
High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens, of course.

No 4: David Beckham

Age: 36
Single? Not if Victoria Beckham has anything to do with it! The
loved-up couple have been married for 12 years and are expecting their fourth
child this summer.

No 3: Johnny Depp

Age: 48
Single? Sorry girls, Mr Depp is completely smitten with his girlfriend of 12
years, Vanessa
. The pair are even rumoured to be engaged after Vanessa was snapped
sporting a rather large rock on her wedding finger at a recent Vogue shoot.

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No 2: Taylor Lautner (2010’s Runner-Up)

Age: 19
Single? Sadly this is one Twilight star who is off the market. Taylor has been dating the beautiful and talented Lily
 (daughter of British singer Phil, no less) since November. 

Taylor, Lautner, twilight, star
WINNER: Robert Pattinson (2010’s Winner)

Age: 25
Single? Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock for the last two
years, you’ll know Robert Pattinson‘s rumoured to be dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. However, neither of them have ever confirmed
the relationship, so you never know, you might be in with a chance! 

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Aku dok tertanya-tanya juga, mana pergi mamat ni ? Dia tak tersenarai ke?? Nak tau siapa ? alaaa…mamat nie…
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