Imbak Canyon

Imbak Canyon Conservation Area is located over 300 kilometers south east of Kota Kinabalu in the heart of Sabah. The journey takes about 4 hours via sealed road from Kota Kinabalu to Telupid and another 2 hours via unsealed road from Telupid to the Base Camp just outside the Conservation Area. Four wheel drive vehicles are essential.
Visitors to Imbak Canyon Conservation Area are welcome, but access is strictly controlled and permission to enter must be obtained in advance from Yayasan Sabah Group offices in Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan.
In its efforts to conserve Imbak Canyon, Yayasan Sabah has collaborated with the national petroleum giant Petronas to gather information about the area, undertake biodiversity conservation efforts, preserve the genetic pool and explore the pharmaceutical and biotechnological potential of the flora there.
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